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Last Witch (2021) (5 Part Series)
  • Last Witch (2021) (5 Part Series)

    The Last Witch (2021)(5 Part Series) Boom! Studios


    (W) Conor McCreery (A/CA) Vv Glass


    * Featuring a cover from Middlewest's Jorge Corona, for fans of Wynd in the same oversized format comes an all-new modern fairy tale from Conor McCreery (Adventure Time/Regular Show) and V.V. Glass (Doctor Who).
    * It's the one time of the year when the witch known as Cailleach hunts the children of the village - so Saoirse, a brave and reckless young girl, decides this is the perfect opportunity to defy her father and discover the secrets of the witch's tower!
    * But when the Cailleach captures Saoirse and her brother Brahm, their lives are forever changed in ways they never expected.
    * Now, Saoirse will have to save everyone she loves by discovering the truth about the mysterious mark on her shoulder - and embracing her secret magical powers!

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