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Summoners War Legacy (2021)
  • Summoners War Legacy (2021)

    Summoners War Legacy (2021) Image Comics

    (W) Justin Jordan (A/CA) Luca Claretti, Giovanna Niro

    Skybound dives into the wondrous world of Summoners War, the popular mobile game where magical monsters are summoned in a never-ending battle of good vs. evil!
    Rai knows there's only one way out of her nothing town-to become a summoner! But when she's recruited by Abuus Dein as an apprentice, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime and is thrust into a war for the fate of the world.

    Journey to Alea alongside JUSTIN JORDAN (THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE, REAVER) and newcomer LUCA CLARETTI for an action-packed fantasy like none other!

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