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No Ghosts In Hiroshima (2021)

No Ghosts In Hiroshima (2021)

No Ghosts In Hiroshima (2021) Scout Comics

(W) Jim Krueger and J. Luigi Borrillo (A) Alberto Rios (CA) Zach Brunner

Dr. James Henricherson is racked with guilt because of a mistake he made many years ago. He believes he has unwittingly condemned an innocent soul to eternal suffering and pain. In an attempt to set things right, he has worked for years to invent a way to free this soul from Hell. But Dr. Henricherson's efforts have stirred demonic attention by those who see this as a way to seize power in Hell. Chased by these demons, Dr. Henricherson is badly injured and is forced to hand over his discoveries to his prize pupil, a medical intern named Dr. Gabriel Oldman--imploring him to deliver a briefcase to an old friend before it’s too late!